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        JIANGSU EVER-RICH LOGISTICS CO., LTD.(Jiangsu Everrich) was Established in 2000, it is a leading international freight forwarding, shipping and trucking company, headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu, P. R. China.

        Jiangsu Everrich provides comprehensive logistic services including foreign trade bonded, China domestic warehousing, freight forwarding agency, branch of the Yangtze River and coastal transportation, domestic(China) and international shipping agents, road container transportation, miscellaneous bulk transportation, import and export customs clearance and inspection, etc.

        The company currently directly operates 11 feeder container liners in the inner route of the Yangtze River, one new container ship named Henglongshengsong was built and engaged in conasting line, as well as the partnership with over 20 container liner companies. With six subsidiary corporations and 12 branch offices in all the major ports and economically developed cities along the Yangtze River in Jiangsu Province, JS Everrich is well positioned to offer secure, fast, reliable and consistent services to a diversified customer base of carriers, sellers and buyer alike of domestic and international trade utilizing our comprehensive “cargo-ship-agency” infrastructure and eco-system.

        Jiangsu Everrich is in the Top 5 feeder carriers of Yangtzi River & Top 10 logistics companies of Jiangsu Province, the company is in the Top 50 logistics companies of China for ten years running.